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During a color analysis, you will learn which colors look best on you. We will discover the colors that suit your appearance, personality and taste. With more than a hundred color scarves, I will show you which colors work for you and which do not. In the right colors, you radiate. Blemishes, bags under your eyes and other imperfections are less noticeable. This applies to all ages! Do you want to learn how to do Color Analyses on other people? Book the Color Analysis Training.

14 Color Types

Hi Style works with 14 color types, including the basic types: spring, summer, winter and fall, supplemented with other color types. This makes a color analysis more refined and personal. For example, many people fall between the winter and summer types, resulting in winter colors being too harsh and summer colors being too soft. With the right nuance, you will see that it fits better. This also means that you learn which fabrics (shiny or matte, plain or patterned) match your appearance. You can apply these tips to your clothing, accessories, makeup, and hair color. Plus, it saves you from buying the wrong clothes – and a lot of time!


  • € 269,- including color chart
  • For 2 persons € 259,- pp
  • Color and figure analysis € 479,-

Color Analysis: 1.5 hours

The fun thing about a color analysis is that the colors of your color type combine beautifully. Therefore, you need less clothing to create nice sets. Of course, you have a few favorite colors, but you will see that you have many more options! Whether you shop in the store or online, your color chart helps you make the best choices.

A color analysis takes about one and a half hours and takes place in the studio in Rotterdam, at your home, or at your company. You can come alone or schedule an appointment with more people. And of course, both women and men are welcome.

Hi Style specializes in all nationalities. The basics are the same, but there are nuances between Scandinavian, Brazilian, or Indian people, just as not all Asians have the same color type or women and men from Eastern Europe. This applies to diversity in terms of color, personality, and style. I speak fluent English, so feel welcome if Dutch is not your first language.

Gift: a practical color chart

After the analysis, you will receive a practical color chart with a protective cover. You can take this with you while shopping and protect yourself from making the wrong purchases. You can place the color chart on a fabric or next to makeup. This way, you can see if you have the right colors. During the consultation, I also explain and demonstrate which color combinations work well for you. Every woman and man has certain color combinations that look great on them. These can be solid colors, prints with a lot of color, or tone-on-tone combinations. I make sure you get customized color advice. The difference lies in the individual color clothes: with these, I can show you color by color what looks good on you and what makes you happy. Check out the videos at the bottom of this page!

This is what you will learn during a color consultation:

  • What your color type is. There are 14 different color types!
  • Your top colors; colors that always look good on you
  • Your basic colors and accent colors
  • How to create beautiful color combinations
  • Which makeup colors suit you best
  • Which hair colors suit you
  • Which jewelry looks best on you: gold or silver
  • Photos with different colors so you can review them at home in peace
  • And at the end, you will receive a personal color chart that you can easily take with you while shopping so that you know exactly which colors to buy.

Color and Figure Analysis

New is a color and figure analysis where, in addition to a color analysis and color chart, you also receive figure tips; in other words, your figure in a nutshell so that you are ready to shop after one session! You will receive clothing tips for your height, figure, and face shape. This will make it clear which combinations, lengths, fabrics, and fits suit you best. It’s not a coincidence whether or not clothing looks good on you! There is always an explanation for this. And once you know this, you can shop with purpose and buy winners!

Did you know that the Hi Style Academy YouTube channel has many videos about color analysis? There is a series called “Color Combinations,” as well as short videos such as “1 Minute Color Advice Explained,” the extensive “Color Advice Explanation and Demonstration,” and a “Modern Color Advice,” and more.

Color Advice on Hi Style TV


The color analysis with Merel was mind-blowing! Discovering my Fully Warm palette (a blend of Spring and Autumn) left me speechless. I've always thought I was a Summer or Winter type (cool seasons) dyeing my hair black or other cool colors for years whilst being a warm toned, medium blond haired woman with yellow based complexion. Because I was very pale, I thought I was cool. Now I love my true colors and can't wait to wear them all!



It was on my bucket list for years: to have my colors done! I wore brown and orange for years for my clothes en make-up. Merel showed me (and that is important to me) that I look so much better in cool colors. After my analysis I went straight to the Bijenkorf to buy new make-up. My husband told me that I look years younger!



Having Asian roots I thought I could wear any color. During the color analysis Merel showed me that there are beautiful colors for me, basic colors and to so good colors. Ever since I booked the color analysis my color card is in my purse and I did not have any mis buy. Making color combinations has never been easier.


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