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Color Analysis Training

Professional training program

Would you like to become a color analyst or color stylist? Then enroll in Hi Style’s professional color analysis training program for color stylists. Start with the three-day basic course, and later you can complement it with the Color Stylist: Advanced course. This will make you a true color consultant!

During the practical Color Stylist training, you will learn how to conduct expert color analyses, along with comprehensive color advice. We will cover the top colors for each color type, as well as exciting color combinations for clothing, jewelry, accessories, hair, and makeup. You will learn to work with the six main color types: Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring, Cool, and Warm. Most people fall into one of these types. During the lessons, you will practice with both individual color scarves and color collars, so that you can provide your clients with both quick and comprehensive color advice. The course materials include a reader with lots of information.

Color Analysis Training: All year round

The practical Color Analysis training takes place in my studio in Rotterdam. Alternatively, we can arrange for it to be held at another location. A class consists of a maximum of three participants. I prefer working with small groups so that you can get the most out of the training!

The Color Stylist training is offered throughout the year, and we can schedule the dates based on mutual agreement. Please inquire about the available options.

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Training Days

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If a date doesn’t work for you, please email us so we can discuss it. Training sessions are organized throughout the year.

What will you learn during the Color Analysis Training?

  • Performing accurate color analyses
  • Providing personalized and contemporary color advice
  • Taking into account taste and personality
  • Giving color combination and styling tips
  • Working with color charts

After a color analysis, your clients can go shopping with a clear direction. You will have precisely told them their best colors for clothing, makeup, jewelry, accessories, and hair color. The beauty of this approach is that they make fewer impulsive purchases and enjoy their clothing for a longer time. Having your colors done is incredibly sustainable.

A Color Stylist:

  • Has a solid knowledge of colors and can give effective advice to anyone, regardless of age or gender.
  • Has quality color tools that are essential to giving the best advise. Hi Style’s materials are of a very high quality, look beautiful and are always up to date.

Hi Style Color Scarves

Hi Style color scarves include matte and glossy variants, allowing you to match them well with the clothing someone is usually wearing. For example, suede is often matte, while leather is typically glossy. Gloss enhances colors. By using gloss, you can better see how a color works for someone.

Hi Style Color Scarves, cold colors
Hi Style Color Scarves, warm colors

Tailored Solutions

With individual color scarves, you can provide personalized solutions and compare different shades of color one by one. This way, you immediately discover which colors are the best match and solicit a reaction from your the client. You advise your clients on the colors that suit them best, which colors combine well, and how to create great color combinations.

A unique experience

Each color analysis is unique. It is influenced by a person’s appearance, as well as their taste and personality. Bold color contrasts or prints may look beautiful on one person, while solid, tone-on-tone combinations or subtle prints may suit someone else better. You can see this clearly with the individual color scarves. And, more importantly, the client will immediately know which colors to look for when buying a jacket, pants, scarf, or lipstick. There is no standard color advice. At Hi Style, you will learn how to turn color advice into a unique experience.

What does the Color Analysis Training cost? Practical information:

The Color Stylist training is conducted over three days. In between the course days, you will practise a lot with everything your learned.

  • The training sessions take place in the studio in Rotterdam, at your home, or in your company.
  • Small groups with no more than three participants. Each day, you will work with four to five models.
  • During the training, you don’t need to purchase any materials. You will practice with the color scarves and color collars from Hi Style. This way, you can experience what suits you best, what aligns with your working style, and fits your budget. Hi Style provides both individual color swatches and color collars, color charts, and books.
  • After successfully completing the training, you will receive a certificate.

Rate: €1,250 (excluding VAT) including materials.

Hi Style Advanced Training

Color Analysis Advanced Training

After completing the Color Analysis training, you can further expand your color knowledge to cover twelve color types. With this knowledge, you can provide even more tailored advice and effectively guide clients who do not fit the most regular color types.

In this advanced training, we will not only discuss which colors are most flattering but also how to analyze the client’s personality and incorporate this into the advice. Is the person introverted or outgoing? Do they need formal or casual attire? Do they wear makeup or not? With this information you can give even more expert color advice.

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The color analysis with Merel was mind-blowing! Discovering my Fully Warm palette (a blend of Spring and Autumn) left me speechless. I've always thought I was a Summer or Winter type (cool seasons) dyeing my hair black or other cool colors for years whilst being a warm toned, medium blond haired woman with yellow based complexion. Because I was very pale, I thought I was cool. Now I love my true colors and can't wait to wear them all!



It was on my bucket list for years: to have my colors done! I wore brown and orange for years for my clothes en make-up. Merel showed me (and that is important to me) that I look so much better in cool colors. After my analysis I went straight to the Bijenkorf to buy new make-up. My husband told me that I look years younger!



Having Asian roots I thought I could wear any color. During the color analysis Merel showed me that there are beautiful colors for me, basic colors and to so good colors. Ever since I booked the color analysis my color card is in my purse and I did not have any mis buy. Making color combinations has never been easier.


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