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Do you want to become a Personal Stylist or a Color Stylist? Hi Style Academy has been training stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, retail staff, coaches, and enthusiasts for over 25 years! Our training is high quality, contemporary, and personal. Whether online, in small groups, or through private lessons. Book an online trial lesson for color stylist or personal stylist to see if Hi Style is right for you.

Keep developing yourself

Whether you are looking for an extensive training program to become a Personal Stylist, Color Stylist, or are simply seeking specific knowledge and want to bounce ideas off someone. I will personally help you so that you can also be successful in your field! With an all-round program that is supported by books, YouTube videos, and free Masterclasses so that you can continue to develop yourself during and after the training and get a certificate in hand!

Color and Styling Consultation

Whether you are looking for a color consultation, complete styling advice, or want to learn more about Personal Branding, Hi Style offers the complete package. During a consultation, you will learn which colors, fits, and combinations suit you best. How to combine fun outfits and create a contemporary, professional style. This way, you can build a wardrobe that grows with you and where you feel at home. Your clothing style is not something you choose, it’s who you are! Check out the options for a color and clothing consultation.

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Check out Hi Style TV Tip: Have you checked out our YouTube channel yet? You can find free tips and styling advice there.

About Merel

Hi, I’m Merel van ‘t Wout and I work as a clothing coach, stylist, and author. It’s my passion to show you what colors and good styling can do for you. Choose clothes that suit you, match your personality, and increase your chances of success!

Hi Style Academy: 25 years of experience

I have been training enthusiasts as a color stylist and personal stylist for 25 years, written six books, developed the Image Styling curriculum for vocational education, and provided color and styling advice to thousands of women and men.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to know more. You can reach me by phone, e-mail, or Zoom.

Companies and Stores

Hi Style provides workshops and presentations both in-store and on location so that staff can present themselves optimally and be a great representation of the company. During events, PR activities, or information days, Hi Style provides color advice, styling advice, and branding advice if needed. Also great for a fun and educational company outing, Hi Style is happy to help. Feel free to contact us or come by our location in Rotterdam.

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The color analysis with Merel was mind-blowing! Discovering my Fully Warm palette (a blend of Spring and Autumn) left me speechless. I've always thought I was a Summer or Winter type (cool seasons) dyeing my hair black or other cool colors for years whilst being a warm toned, medium blond haired woman with yellow based complexion. Because I was very pale, I thought I was cool. Now I love my true colors and can't wait to wear them all!



It was on my bucket list for years: to have my colors done! I wore brown and orange for years for my clothes en make-up. Merel showed me (and that is important to me) that I look so much better in cool colors. After my analysis I went straight to the Bijenkorf to buy new make-up. My husband told me that I look years younger!



Having Asian roots I thought I could wear any color. During the color analysis Merel showed me that there are beautiful colors for me, basic colors and to so good colors. Ever since I booked the color analysis my color card is in my purse and I did not have any mis buy. Making color combinations has never been easier.


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